Residence in Slovakia

Slovakian Residence Permit opens doors to the job market in the whole of Europe.

Residence Permit in Slovakia

The ICIBIS experts and lawyers are specializing in opening a business, getting a residence permit and moving to Slovakia.

Slovakia is the most loyal and investor-friendly country in Europe. Slovakian embassies do not have huge queues like other European consulates i.e. the visa processing times are fast indeed.

The perfect central European location and the affordable while comfortable living, make Slovakia one of our most recommended options. To get a business visa for Slovakia candidates need to invest in their own business €5000.

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TOP-3 Reasons to choose Slovakia

Favorable Visa Regulations

Slovakia is one of the most welcoming countries in Europe. It offers a possibility to establish a business, get a residence permit for you and your family, and work in the whole European Union. It takes only two weeks to open a company and two weeks to get the first visa.

Work Permit in Europe

The residence permit in Slovakia is the key to the European job market. Having an incorporated business in Slovakia means you can start work in the European Union, not only in Slovakia. The Slovakian residence permit opens the European job market for you.

Low Taxation

In contrast to other European countries, Slovakian taxation is one of the lowest in Europe i.e. companies enjoy 19% of the taxation rate. One of the advantages of paying taxes in Slovakia is that it has double-taxation agreements with all European countries.

Requirements for Austrian Golden Visa

Requirements & Eligibility

confirmed passive income for golden visa

Bank Statements

You are required to provide statements from two separate bank accounts. Yes, it is essential to provide statements from TWO accounts. Both accounts must be current accounts!

Bank Statement

1st account €5.000
2nd account €3.000

One bank statement is considered to be for Business Purposes and the seconds one for Personal Use.

Make sure you have online access to these accounts, as you would need to make a transfer of the funds upon arrival to Slovakia and prior to applying for a Residence Permit.

German language certificate

Recommendations (Optional)

The following set of documents is not required for an application. We feel though, it is an advantage to provide these additional documents to support your application.

Additional Documents

  • Proof of academic achievement(s) (e.g. a university degree)

  • Language Certificate(s)

  • Recommendation letter(s) from an ex-employer

  • Recommendation letter from a bank

  • Recommendation from a business partner

All the documents must be translated into Slovakian language.

ICIBIS step by step guide

Application Process

Step-by-Step application guide, payment schedule and services overview.
Immigration counseling

1. Start with Visa Counselling

You can choose to have online counseling (free of charge) or arrange a meeting in the office (subject to a non-refundable €300 charges). We do an in-depth analysis of your situation and compile a visa roadmap.

Application for Austrian gold visa

2. Make an Application

To start an application, you would need to fill in the Application Form and submit the following documents:
  • Signed contract

  • Notarized copy of your passport(s)

  • Notarized Power of Attorney

After the payment is cleared, you will be assigned a manager, who will be supervising your case.

You would need to make a €600 non-refundable pre-payment, to start the application process. We do not charge you any service fees at this stage. The pre-payment is used to register a business in Slovakia on your behalf. It takes approx. 14 days to register a business in Slovakia.

The original documents will be sent to you by a courier (subject to an additional charge).

Application for Austrian gold visa

3. Collect Required Documents

Your supervisor will provide you with the list and templates of documents, required for the Visa application. You will have the complete guideline, how to legalize and prepare the documents. All the paperwork will be checked by your supervisor. Here is the list of the common documents:

  • Two bank statements in the amount of € 5.000 and € 3.000
  • Legalised Police Clearance Certificate
  • Accommodation Confirmation (we can provide a confirmation)

  • Health insurance (for 3 months, coverage €175)

Please note, that two bank statements are required – a combined bank statement will not be accepted. Depending on the situation, additional documents might be required. You have to follow the instructions of the supervisor, as some documents have an expiration date.

Application for Austrian gold visa

4. Submit Application for Visa D

After receiving original documents from us, please arrange an appointment at the Slovakian Consulate. Depending on the country, it might take up to one month to have an appointment fixed. The following documents are required:

  • Application form

  • Passport and two photos

  • Company registration confirmation

  • Accommodation confirmation

  • Two bank statements

  • Police clearance certificate

  • Health insurance (for 3 months, coverage €30.000)

It takes 10 to 14 days for a Slovakian Consulate to issue a Visa D for 90 days. The Visa D entitles you to travel to Slovakia and make an application for a Residence Permit in Slovakia.

Application for Austrian gold visa

5. Pay the remaining fees

After the Visa D is granted, the Final Fees are due and must be payed within three business days, but prior to your trip to Slovakia. If you fail to make the payment, your application will be automatically cancelled.

Application for Austrian gold visa

6. Meet & Greet Service (optional)

Arriving to an unknown country could be stressful experience, especially if you arrive with your family. We offer an optional Meet & Greet Service. It includes meeting you at the airport, organising a transfer to a hotel or newly rented apartment, assisting you with check-in and making you familiar with your new home.

Application for Austrian gold visa

7. Residence Permit Application

Upon arrival to Slovakia, the first step is to open two bank accounts. A bank account has to be opened in person. We accompany you to a bank and assist with a bank account opening. The service fees for a bank account opening are €400.

It takes around one hour to open a bank account and gain an online access to it. You would need to transfer the required for a residence permit funds from your bank to your Slovakian bank accounts (it takes 2-3 days for the money to arrive).

After the payment is cleared, we accompany you to the local police station to submit your application for a Residence Permit and assist with the interview in Slovakian language. Please note, that the police officers communicate only in Slovakian language.

Application for Austrian gold visa

Medical Check-up

Within one month after getting a visa, you need to go through a medical check-up in a specialized medical center in Slovakia. The check-up is obligatory for all residents. We arrange a date and time for you, as well as accompany you during the whole procedure. The check-up takes approx. 4 hours to complete.

The medical center charges a one-time fee in the amount of €200.

Services & Fees

Counselling FREE
Business Visa €1.950
Residence Permit €2.950
Accommodation Confirmation (optional) €650
Bank Account Opening €400
Meet & Greet (optional) €175
Courier Service €100
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What our clients are saying


Very satisfied with the services. Fast response, thorough and fast. I got my visa in 2 weeks. Thank you


We are happy to have chosen to move to Slovakia with you. Very smooth and pleasant experience. The amount of time and commitment we've received from your side is worth 10 times the price we have paid. Thank you so much for all the work.


Having experience with other embassies, Slovakia is the best option. Thank you for offering me this possibility.

Pawan Kumar

Simply awesome, fast response and great service. Thanks for getting my family into Slovakia


Never thought of Slovakia, but now when I have a residence for 2 years - I am happy. Straightforward and simple process. Highly recommend Slovakia to everyone.

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