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Live, work and study in the world’s most comfortable country.

Get a residence in Austria

The ICIBIS experts and lawyers are specializing in immigration to Austria. With over 20 years of experience, we have the right strategy and expertise to help you and your family to relocate to Austria, the most stable and comfortable country in the world.

Austria is an amazing country to live and work in. The country tops the ranking of the most comfortable and secure countries in the world for over a decade. Although the immigration rules are tough and the authorities are very selective, there is a number of options to get a residence in Austria.

If you have a university degree and 3+ years of experience, you have all the chances not only to get a residence but also to find a job. There is an independent point-based system, based on education and work experience of a candidate. Achieve a certain number of points and get a job seeker visa for 180 days in Austria. A job offer from an Austrian company is not required to get a visa.

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Financially independent foreigners, wishing to move to Austria without work can get a Golden Visa. Wealthy does not mean super-rich – earning over 2000 euros per month makes you already eligible. Austria is the only country in Europe, which does not require serious investment in the country’s economy to obtain a residence.

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If you are looking for a stable economy and a safe country to do business from, while having 50+ thousands of euros to invest in your own business, Austria is the right country to start up a business and get a residence.

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International students are granted a student residence for the duration of studies. The university fees are only €1500 per year and there are over 500 degree courses available to choose from. To get admitted you need to master only basics in German, which makes Austria an extremely attractive country for students from all over the world.

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TOP-10 Reasons to choose Austria

Quality of Life

According to Mercer Quality of Living Survey Vienna has the highest quality of living in the world. The city is ranked number ONE for the last decade. This overall rating includes safety, convenience, location, job market and other important for everyday life criterion.

The most ecological country in Europe

Austria is one of the most ecological countries in Europe. The quality of its water is world-famous i.e. you can drink the water from the tap. On the other hand, the same rules apply to all vehicles i.e. Austria has special CO2 taxation and favorable conditions for buyers of electric vehicles.

The country supports and funds the sources of alternative power, to make the country as green as possible.

Best Medicine in Europe and it’s FREE

The medical care in Austria is free of charge. All residence must have public insurance, which gives them free medical care in Austria and outside of the country. The insurance covers all the costs, including the costs of medications, independent of its costs.

The system of medical care in Austria is one of the best in the world.

FREE Education

Education, be it a secondary, high or higher education, is being covered by the Austrian government. An interesting fact is, the tuition fees of international students are being sponsored by the government as well. Although the country does not promote its education, students from over 180 countries are studying in Austria.

The university admission requirement is A2 level in German and a high school diploma with a transcript.

Lowest unemployment rate. Job safety

The unemployment rate in Austria is the lowest in Europe. The social system and job safety are second to none. Even if you lose the job, the state is paying at least 80% of your original salary until you find a new job. The re-qualification costs are being covered by the government as well.

The country promotes and offers a number of tax relief initiatives for startups. Encouraging your professionals and businessmen to start their own companies.

TOP-10 world’s most powerful passport

Ten years of legal stay in Austria entitles you to apply for an Austria citizenship, which is one of the most powerful passports in the world. It gives its holders the possibility to travel to over 185 countries in the world without a visa.

It is all about family

Supporting a family is one of the main priorities in Austria. The government supports families financially, offers free kindergartens, secondary, high and higher education. Families with kids are supported by employers as well. Parents enjoy paid parental vacations and special allowances from the state for each child.

Family & Kids Safety

The laws of Austria are centered around families and children. Austria is the most social country in Europe i.e. no family is left without support or money. Even in the worst-case scenario, a family would be provided a place to live and financial support. At the same time, the rights of each parent are being equally guarded by independent courts.

Low interest rate

Austrian banks are considered the most stable in the world. The savings are insured and protected by the government. When buying a property, banks offer special low-interest-rate conditions. These measures are part of the government policy to support families when buying a property.

The interest rate as of 2019 is 1% only i.e. it is cheaper to have a loan from a bank than to buy a property on the spot.

Social Living or Guaranteed Apartment

Being a resident in Austria you can apply for social living. A special initiative, offered by the Austrian government, to support a family with buying or renting a property, with a buyout option. The government builds affordable and subsidized homes for residents. The project is being implemented from the 50s of the 20th century and is considered to be a huge success in Europe.

There are literally no homeless people in Austria.

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Types of Visa & Residences

Business immigration to Austria

Business Immigraiton

Residence Permit | 1 year

  • Investment of € 50.000
  • A1 German Certificate

  • Processing Time 2-3 months

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Golden Visa to Austria

Golden Visa

Residence Permit | 2 years

  • No investment required

  • A2 German Certificate

  • Processing Time 2 months

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High Demand
Job seeker visa to Austria

Student Visa

Residence Permit | 1 year

  • University Admission Assistance

  • Visa & Residence Permit Support

  • Processing Time 3-6 months

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Work permit to Austria

Work Permit

  • Job Offer from Austria

  • B1 German Certificate

  • Processing Time 2 months

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Permanent residence in Austria

Permanent Residence

  • 5 years in Austria

  • B1 German Certificate

  • Processing Time 3 months

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Austrian Citizenship and passport

Austrian Citizenship

  • Citizenship Counselling

  • Application & Supervision

  • Processing Time 6-18 months

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ICIBIS alternative options

Alternative Options

Immigration to Hungary


Residence Permit
  • Business Incorporation

  • Investment Capital: €10.000

  • Residence Permit: 1 year

  • Processing time: 2-3 months

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Immigration to Slovakia


Residence Permit
  • Business Incorporation

  • Investment Capital: €8.000

  • Residence Permit: up to 2 years

  • Processing Time: 2-3 months

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Immigration to Poland


Residence Permit
  • Business Incorporation

  • Investment Capital: €0

  • Residence Permit: up to 3 years

  • Processing Time: 3-4 months

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